High Tea Time 2023: A Tapestry of Flavors, Creativity and Culture

High Tea Time at Mandela Court Luxury Suites: A Tapestry of Flavours, Creativity and Culture! Embarking on this brand-new year, we decided to shake things up and carve out a fresh avenue for Mandela Court Luxury Suites to connect with our local community. It was no easy feat, but after much brainstorming and anticipation, we …

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5 ways to stay cool in the sunny Caribbean

Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.  Always carry a bottle of water with you during the heat of the day.  Cool off by taking a refreshing dip in our pool opened 24/7. Feel free to go anytime you would like.  Walk three minutes to our nearby Lance Aux Epines beach or take a five minutes drive to the world-renowned Grand Anse Beach.   Relax in our fully air conditioned suites with the option of an overhead fan to ensure maximum comfort on your Caribbean vacation.  Wear less dark and thick fabric clothing. Dark clothing tends to attract and trap heat while light colored fabrics do not. Thinner fabrics like cotton allow for great ventilation.    Written by: Johnelle Clarke Photo by: Nicia John