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Meet Tom, the heart and soul behind Mandela Court's guided adventures! With a passion for sharing the beauty of Grenada, Tom's journey into the world of tour guiding is as vibrant as the island itself.

Two and a half decades ago, Tom embarked on this exciting path, sparked by chance encounters with beachgoers who soon became his loyal patrons. Their requests for local insights led him to unofficially guide them around, and word quickly spread that Tom's tours surpassed the rest. In 2010, he decided to make it official, taking a tour guide course, registering his business, and setting the stage for a remarkable chapter in his life.

What sets Tom apart is his commitment to authenticity. Recognizing the deep desire of tourists to immerse themselves in the genuine local experience, he carefully selects locations and businesses that align with this vision. His guests don't just see the sights; they live and breathe Grenadian life through the eyes of a local.

For Tom, it's not just about showcasing the beauty of the island – it's about creating personalized and memorable experiences. Whether through walking tours, Saturday Market explorations, or other unique adventures, Tom ensures that every site chosen is steeped in Grenadian culture and history. His dedication to meeting and exceeding his guests' expectations is the driving force behind the enchanting journeys he curates.

So, if you're ready to explore Grenada with a touch of charm and a splash of local flavor, join Tom at Mandela Court. Let his warm and charismatic spirit guide you through a journey that goes beyond the ordinary – where every step tells a story, and every moment is an invitation to fall in love with the heart of the Caribbean.


Welcome Stone

Embark on a brief 5-minute stroll to the Welcome Stone, a captivating attraction that promises a breathtaking view. Ideal for those who appreciate picturesque landscapes, this hike offers an immersive experience in the natural beauty of Grenada.

  • Quick walk
  • Breathtaking views
  • Picturesque Serenity
  • Tranquil Atmosphere: A Retreat in Nature

The Belmont Estate Chocolate Tour

Discover the magic of Grenada's renowned chocolate at the Grenada Chocolate Experience. Renowned for its almost mythical reputation, Grenadian chocolate boasts a complex flavor profile and rich intensity, delivering a taste sensation that stands unrivaled.

  • Chocolate Exploration
  • Tasting Adventure
  • Family Friendly Atmosphere
  • Educational Exploration

Hot Water Sulphur Springs

Embark on a rejuvenating journey with the Therapeutic Water Hike, where the hardest part is tearing yourself away from the soothing embrace of the crystal-clear waters. This hike promises not only physical exploration but also a therapeutic experience for the mind and body.

  • Hot Crystal Clear water
  • Extended Hike Duration
  • Natural Oasis
  • Scenic Exploration

Annandale Falls Oasis

Escape to the Annandale Falls Oasis, a natural haven just a short drive from the capital. Immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of Annandale Falls, surrounded by a lush garden of vibrant green vegetation. This oasis offers a refreshing retreat for those seeking both natural beauty and recreational activities.

  • Sulphur Springs Nearby
  • Natural Beauty
  • Hiking Trails
  • Recreational Retreat
Annandale falls

Concord Falls Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating adventure at Concord Falls, where the refreshing embrace of the 65ft falls awaits. This immersive experience goes beyond mere sightseeing, offering opportunities to taste local cocoa, commune with Mona monkeys, and revel in the natural beauty of three picturesque falls—The Concord, The Au Coin, and The Fountainbleu.

  • Three Picturesique Falls
  • Ideal for Swimming
  • Mona Monkey Interaction
  • The Au Coin and The Fountainbleu are only accessible by feet.

Seven Sisters Falls

Prepare for a nature-infused adventure at the Seven Falls Oasis, where crystal-clear waters beckon, and the beauty of seven distinct falls unfolds. A journey that requires swimsuits and sturdy shoes, this oasis promises not only visual delight but the refreshing allure of waters pure enough to drink.

  • Seven Cascading Falls
  • Nature Trek
  • Swim-Ready Atmosphere
  • Crystal-Clear Waters
St. Margaret Falls, also known as the Seven Sisters Falls.

Market Square

Explore the vibrant heart of Grenada's local commerce in the town of St. George's, where the lively market serves as the bustling hub for buying and selling local produce. A sensory-rich experience awaits, characterized by the lively atmosphere, vibrant colors, and the distinct energy of this central marketplace.

  • Lively Atmosphere
  • Cultural Nexus
  • Central Activity Hub
  • Commercial Epicenter

Tip: Best time to go is 6:00AM on a Sunday morning. 

River Tubing

Embark on an exhilarating river tubing adventure where safety is paramount, guided by expert river guides every step of the way. Dive into the excitement of modified river tubes, experiencing the thrill of spinning and swirling while immersing yourself in the exotic scenery of lush vegetation along the riverbanks.

  • Guided Safety Assurance
  • Exotic Scenery Exploration
  • Immersive Nature Connection
  • Expert River Guides

Grand Etang National Park

Grand Etang Nature Park stands as a premier tourist attraction, enveloping the serene Grand Etang Lake. This expansive nature park covers 30 acres, nestled approximately 1,740 feet above sea level, offering a lush rainforest setting with an array of trails catering to hikers and nature enthusiasts.

  • Encompassing Grand Etang Lake
  • Lush Rainforest Setting
  • Hiking Trails and Nature Exploration
  • Tourist Hub

ATV Riding

Embark on sightseeing adventures in a self-driven vehicle with the added advantage of an excellent tour guide. This experience ensures that participants have the freedom of driving themselves while benefiting from patient, friendly, and knowledgeable tour guides who enhance the overall exploration.

  • Self-Drive Exploration
  • Flexible Itineraries
  • Expert Tour Guides
  • Patient and Friendly Guides