Cook Like a Grenadian

Grenadian Cooking Classes

Grenada’s culinary way is truly Grenadian, yet influenced by the gastronomy of a number of other cultures.

The most distinctive factor is the burst of flavor in most of the dishes, as one might expect from “the Isle of Spice.” The many herbs and spices used from generations, seem to work the wonder. A bland palette may have some "getting to appreciate" to do, but by and large the difference is welcome.

Our love of rice and peas has its origins from Africa, roti (a flat bread stuffed with curried meat and potatoes) came from India, through the laborers that came from there.


Grenada National Dish

Our national dish “Oil down” takes its ingredients from the pages of history: Captain Bligh and his breadfruit planting in Grenada to turmeric from the spice trade, and coconut, the milk of which is used to slow cook the rest of ingredients, all in one pot. Everyone has his/her version of this meal, all designed to come up with the prefect taste.

Our soups may be a surprise to some, filled with all sorts of tit bits. Consommé is unlikely for us.
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