Lovely Location

Mandela Court Grenada, Luxury Suites is an exquisite boutique hotel, designed and built by its engineer-owner to delight you, with the comfort and style for making your stay one of a kind. The attention to detail, the surrounding garden, courtyard, nearby pool and general ambience auger well to anticipate a special stay. We have uniquely combined the furnishings and Décor to strike the perfect balance between the coziness of home and the elegance of hotel.
We are located close to a number of favored restaurants, beaches and shopping centers, entertainment and scenic spots.
When you are happy with us we are happy! Come stay at Mandela Court, we are looking forward to seeing you.

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Convenience & Comfort

We put great effort in making your stay delightful in every way we can. Our size allows us some leeway to do things just for you, a privilege you may not have in a more bureaucratic accommodation. So if it’s your birthday, we can help you do something special. We have the contacts to make things happen for you!
Peace starts in the mind and what better place to relax than in your king size bed with plush pillows and breathable bed linen in soft earth colors that soothe the mind and body. Room quality is key to you enjoying your stay. That is why our rooms are meant to delight you. Perfectly crafted hardwood beds and bedside furniture, private business station keeps all you work in a single location.
Alternatively, you may also take a stroll in our garden, even pick a mango if it is in season, or walk to the nearby beach to unwind. Ultimately put your feet up, watch TV, contact friends on free wi fi, or enjoy cuddling up. Whether you are alone or with others, it is meant to be full of comfort and convenience.